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City of Dimmitt goes to Drought Response Stage 1

Message from BJ Potts, City Manager:

Over the weekend Dimmitt exceeded the daily average water pumpage and is requesting that each of you assist in cutting back the usage of outdoor watering on your lawns and gardens. With the drought conditions as they are, we are implementing "Drought Response Stage 1" which states:

"Target is to achieve a voluntary 25 percent reduction in daily water demand. The City of Dimmitt citizens shall be put on notice that drought conditions exist and are asked to voluntarily cut back on water usage, directly by the Mayor or City Manager, or their designee(s), to manage limited water supplies and/or reduce water demand."

What we don't want to have to do is implement the "Water Use Restrictions".

Please share this and work with us during this dry spell. If by the end of the week the usage is still high then we will move forward to Stage 2.

Please work with us in getting through this dry time.

Thank you for your understanding.

BJ Potts

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