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Editor’s Message
Editor’s Message
Editor’s Message

Editor’s Message

The sudden, devastating rise in U.S. joblessness during the coronavirus crisis has evoked images from the Great Depression — abject destitution leading to bread lines and apples sold on street corners, and so on.

Pet Talk

Pet Talk

After spending part of March and all of April at home, many people are looking for creative ways to pass the time with hobbies like painting, embroidery and jogging.

Givers and Takers

I have come to think that there are basically two types of people: the givers and the takers. I also have come to realize that unless they are thoughtful or reflective, they may not know which one of the two they are. I will give you some examples, so it is easier for you to picture.

Library Lines ...

Although our library’s physical location remains closed due to COVID-19 concerns, we do offer free access to eBooks and audiobooks via Harrington Library Consortium. Their website. www.harringtonlc. org is currently providing links to TeenBookCloud, AudioBookCloud, RomanceBookCloud, and Sebco, an online service for all ages.


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