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Pet Talk

Pet Talk

The summer season offers many opportunities for pets and their owners to get outside and enjoy nature. These adventures can provide wonderful opportunities for enrichment, but blooming flowers, gardening, and spending more time outdoors can increase a pet’s exposure to stinging insects.

You Can’t Get Rid of Country

I have come to realize there are two types of girls: town or country. I used to think that it was hard for both to adjust to the other, but time and my own experience has proven that false. I have found though that regardless of where a country girl ends up, she can’t get rid of that part of herself.

Does Obedience to God Matter?

Often, I engage with people in conversations about God and the Bible. Many times, I do not know where they stand with God until we begin talking. Often, I hear “I believe in God”, “I pray”, “I’ve asked for forgiveness”, “I’ve been baptized”, or even “Jesus is my Savior and Lord.” Yet, amid these religious professions I have noticed a glaring problem. There is a wide chasm between their profession and daily lifestyle. The two do not line up. When I observe this and ask a question like, “It’s wonderful you state that Jesus is your Savior and Lord. Do you obey Him?” Then I hear crickets. Somehow, someway, they have been exposed to a teaching that tells them obedience to God does not matter. They have been taught that if they get all the right religious professions down and throw in a few important religious duties along with that, then God’s grace will cover them and their home in heaven is certain. Is this true?

Library Lines ...

Library Lines ...

“We’d love for you to join the Central Texas Library System!” proclaimed the first sentence in a recent letter from that group. Their membership serves 208 libraries in 109 Texas counties, and they wanted to make Rhoads Memorial Library their 209th member.


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